With access to apps, websites, banking and more now available at our fingertips, consumers expect more than ever.

At our recent event at London Stock Exchange (LSE) we discussed the importance of thinking outside the box to remain competitive. A common theme of the event was that cultures and technology need a shake up and collaboration is the key.

Collaboration includes telecoms. We need to provide a network not only offering rock-solid reliability, but the ability to provide important competitive advantage; a fast, low-latency, diverse network means minimal downtime and a better user-experience - meaning always able to access information, in an instant.

To that end, we've changed the way we think about telecoms, how to provide a better service to you, to better service your customers.

Read further about what was discussed in our latest blog - "Keeping the City competitive" - and learn just how important your network really is and what we're doing to help.